3/22/2015 – Just before suffering

Lorilee guided our reflections this Sunday, as we listened to the third of Pema Chodron’s talks in her Getting Unstuck series, titled “Meditation: the Path to Enlightenment.”  You can access that talk by clicking here https://www.dropbox.com/s/4h0b9rortg2zh52/Pema%203%20Meditation_%20Path%20to%20Enlightenment.mp3?dl=0

Discussion centered primarily about the ways in which the experience of shenpa precedes even suffering.  It is the primary contraction which gives rise to suffering and to our attempts to relieve it (in ways that only perpetuate that very suffering)

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3/15/2015 – Pema on the root of suffering

This Sunday Payton guided our reflections on the second of Pema Chodron’s talks in the series titled “Getting Unstuck.”  Her dharma talk, titled “Exploring the Itch,” explores the key concept of Shenpa – a pre-conceptual impulse that lies beneath dukkha itself and gives rise to both suffering and unskillful strategies we resort to in order to evade suffering.  Since we are in a series of six talks, if you’d like to ‘catch up’ by listening to this talk before coming to hear the next one, click here


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3/8/2015 – Pema Chodron Series “Getting Unstuck”

Jessica framed our reflections this morning, playing the first of Pema’s talks in this “Getting Unstuck” series, titled “Learning to Stay.”  Our discussion largely centered around our own practices and the three ways in which we typically refuse to stay with what comes up in our meditation.

If you’d like to hear the talk, just for itself, or in preparation for next Sunday’s continuation, click here


These session will continue for six weeks, and you are welcome to join anywhere along the way.

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3/1/2015 – Tea Ceremony

Payton hosted us in a offering of the Chinese Tea Ceremony this Sunday.  Different in nature from the Japanese Tea Ceremony, this one is designed to serve – and awaken – a number of people at the same time, as we join in observing the preparation and then all partake of the tea at the same time.     Each phase of the ceremony is offered with great mindfulness and precision, and even to watch it is a meditation, quieting the mind, sharpening the senses.

Payton Tea profile

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2/22/2015 – Equanimity 3

Nancy guided our reflections today with the third session on Equanimity, which brings to a close our series on the Seven Factors of Awakening.  She drew on instructions by Ajahn Thanissaro

and an extended dharma talk and guided meditation by Ayya Khema



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2/15/2015 – Equanimity 2

Meeting at Joey’s place on our coldest morning this year, we explored Equanimity with a dharma talk by Martine Batchelor


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2/8/2015 – Equanimity 1

Lorilee guided our reflections this morning as we embarked on the Factor of Equanimity, the final Factor of Awakening.  The morning centered on a talk by Christopher Titmouse titled “The Wisdom of Equanimity”


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