2/22/2015 – Equanimity 3

Nancy guided our reflections today with the third session on Equanimity, which brings to a close our series on the Seven Factors of Awakening.  She drew on instructions by Ajahn Thanissaro

and an extended dharma talk and guided meditation by Ayya Khema



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2/15/2015 – Equanimity 2

Meeting at Joey’s place on our coldest morning this year, we explored Equanimity with a dharma talk by Martine Batchelor


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2/8/2015 – Equanimity 1

Lorilee guided our reflections this morning as we embarked on the Factor of Equanimity, the final Factor of Awakening.  The morning centered on a talk by Christopher Titmouse titled “The Wisdom of Equanimity”


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2/1/2015 – Concentration 3

Same guided our reflections today as we met at Rebecca’s place for sangha.  The focus was our third session on Concentration as a Factor of Awakening, and featured excerpts from dharma talks by Jack Kornfield, “Quiet the Mind; Open the Heart”


and by Christina Feldman, “Refuge in Calmness”




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1/25/2015 – Concentration Yogic Style

This morning, Lorilee led our second Sunday devoted to Concentration.  Framing the practice with quotations from the Bhagavad Gita and accompanied by her harmonium, she led is in kirtan, the call and response style of chanting in Sanskrit, ranging from the simple to the complex, exploring each as a mode of concentration.  Later, we experimented with concentration by gazing at a candle flame.  You may find lovely examples of Kirtan to listen to or chant along with by clicking on one of these link.



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1/18/2015 – Concentration 1 – 6th Factor of Awakening

This morning Michael guided our reflections on Concentration, the Sixth Factor of Awakening.  We explored two different types of concentration, exclusive and inclusive, with the writings of Ajahn Thanissaro representing the former and those of Ashin Tejaniya representing the latter.  Our guided meditation, drawn from the teaching of Ashin Tejaniya,  focused on moving from strong concentration on the breath, to strong concentration on thoughts as they arose and changed, to strong concentration on underlying attitudes of mind or moods, thus moving fully into the Third Foundation of Mindfulness.

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1/11/2015 – Tranquility 2 – the Fifth Factor of Awakening

Today Joey guided our reflections on Tranquility, the 5th Factor of Awakening.  Featured was a dharma talk by Pascal Auclair and guided meditation on “Bringing Awareness to Mind States”

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